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Hi! Welcome to the blog!

I'm Katie, a wife, mother, and nurse, among other things. This blog will be a place where I can share things about my family, explore my interests, and connect with others. If you're reading this, leave a comment! I'd love to get to know you.

I'll start off with 5 facts about me:

I love blankets. I have way too many, according to my husband, but I always want to buy new ones. The softer and fluffier the better. When snuggling with a blanket, I have to have my feet completely wrapped up and tucked in, like a cocoon. I'm pretty sure my husband dreads when the weather starts getting cooler, since I drag blankets out of all my hiding spots and add about 3 comforters to our bed. Purple is my favorite color.When I was younger, and all through high school, I absolutely did not want to be a nurse. I wanted nothing to do with the medical field. It's funny how life gives you opportunities and experiences and shows you exactly what you think you ne…