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Eating Coconuts...Just Like Coyote Peterson

One of Matthew's absolute favorite YouTube personalities right now is Coyote Peterson, of the channel Brave Wilderness. This has been a favorite of Matthew's for a long time now, and we can often hear bangs and crashes coming from Matthew's room as he acts out Coyote's sting videos. Some of his favorite toys are a set of plastic bugs, tweezers (or as he calls them, entomology forceps), his "glass capsule" (a plastic container), and you can't forget his cowboy hat. He wears that hat everywhere. He's also got "Coyote pants", "Coyote boots", and a "Coyote vest". And for Christmas, he wants a "Coyote pack" and "genuine leather Coyote hat".


One of Matthew's absolute favorite things to do is act out Coyote's videos. One of Coyote's videos is about having a coconut breakfast, and Coyote shows the kids how to collect a coconut, open it, eat the meat, and drink the coconut water. Matthew sai…

Where'd October Go?

(Alex is hiding under this blanket)

So, where'd October go? Around here, it passed in a flurry of sick, a short vacation, and 2 more weeks of sick. And before we knew it, it was Halloween and we hadn't done anything to celebrate other than one trip to the local Pumpkin Patch. Fail.
It's been a rough month. It started off with Matthew getting a stomach bug, and constantly vomiting for about 24 hours. Poor little guy was miserable. Any liquid or food he consumed came right back up. Over and over. Finally he started keeping food & drink down, and we spent the next few days re-hydrating him. 
Here's Matthew, feeling much better, snuggled up with his cat Simba.

Matthew was feeling much better just in time for our trip to The Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells, that we'd had planned for several months. (If you are able to schedule your trip a couple months in advance, they have awesome coupon codes.) This was our second trip to the Lodge, we had gone in May of …