Eating Coconuts...Just Like Coyote Peterson

One of Matthew's absolute favorite YouTube personalities right now is Coyote Peterson, of the channel Brave Wilderness. This has been a favorite of Matthew's for a long time now, and we can often hear bangs and crashes coming from Matthew's room as he acts out Coyote's sting videos. Some of his favorite toys are a set of plastic bugs, tweezers (or as he calls them, entomology forceps), his "glass capsule" (a plastic container), and you can't forget his cowboy hat. He wears that hat everywhere. He's also got "Coyote pants", "Coyote boots", and a "Coyote vest". And for Christmas, he wants a "Coyote pack" and "genuine leather Coyote hat".


One of Matthew's absolute favorite things to do is act out Coyote's videos. One of Coyote's videos is about having a coconut breakfast, and Coyote shows the kids how to collect a coconut, open it, eat the meat, and drink the coconut water. Matthew said he wanted to try this, so last time Edison was at the grocery store, he bought a coconut (we don't have any trees to climb and get a coconut around here).

Matthew was so excited! 

Matthew asked if I would take a video of him opening the coconut and trying the meat & water, so I took several videos on my phone and Edison edited it to one nice video. So, here's Matthew's first attempt at making a video like Coyote Peterson! 

Definitely a fun way to spend the afternoon, and Matthew was thrilled with the video. Edison made sure to upload it to Matthew's tablet so he can watch it 5,000+ times until he's got it memorized by heart. Don't get used to the fun as it is to see the finished product, getting this video ready was a pain. I attempted to edit it first, and quickly discovered that I hate video editing. Getting the video to upload on this blog was also a pain. So, fun video but I think I'll primarily stick to photos. 


**Special thanks to:
*Edison, for trying to teach me how to edit this video, and taking pity on me when he could tell I hated doing it - he made a great finished product!
*To creator Kevin MacLeod, who created the music in the video -

On My Way by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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