Where'd October Go?

(Alex is hiding under this blanket)

So, where'd October go? Around here, it passed in a flurry of sick, a short vacation, and 2 more weeks of sick. And before we knew it, it was Halloween and we hadn't done anything to celebrate other than one trip to the local Pumpkin Patch. Fail.

It's been a rough month. It started off with Matthew getting a stomach bug, and constantly vomiting for about 24 hours. Poor little guy was miserable. Any liquid or food he consumed came right back up. Over and over. Finally he started keeping food & drink down, and we spent the next few days re-hydrating him. 

Here's Matthew, feeling much better, snuggled up with his cat Simba.

Matthew was feeling much better just in time for our trip to The Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells, that we'd had planned for several months. (If you are able to schedule your trip a couple months in advance, they have awesome coupon codes.) This was our second trip to the Lodge, we had gone in May of this year and it was awesome! We knew we wanted to come back. So, our trip was scheduled for the second week of October. We stayed 2 nights and had a great time. I've got a whole post planned for just that trip, so stay tuned. 

Then we got back home and settled in, and Matthew catches a nasty cold. Head congestion, sore throat, aches, overall misery. Several days later, Edison catches the cold. (He only got a mild case of it, several days of less intense symptoms, and he was good. He almost never gets really miserable when sick.) Then several days later, Alex catches the cold. And just when I thought it would pass me by, I catch it too. And instead of rest & drink fluids, I went into work the next day and worked an AM/PM double (16 and a half hours) and felt 5x worse. 

Alex & his cool wash cloth hat

Now, finally, we're all feeling better. I still have a bit of a lingering cough, but it's not a big deal. We all felt better just in time for Halloween, where we didn't have anything planned, since it's been such a weird, sick infested month. We had plans to go on a kid-friendly haunted train ride (that we do every year, and the boys love it), but were too sick to go. We had plans to go to the local children's museum (we are members there) for their Halloween party, but we were too sick to go. The kids have never enjoyed Trick or Treating, so that isn't an activity we make them do.

Other than our fun trip to the Lodge, it was a pretty bummer month. Hopefully next year's Halloween is better. At least we're all feeling better!


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