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Just keep swimming

It's been a rough couple of weeks around here. We're trying to get back on track...but it's always hard to get moving again. Just keep swimming. Right?

My family had visitation, funeral, and burial services for my Grandpa. Edison stayed home with Alex, because Alex doesn't understand and it would be unfair to him to be expected to be well behaved for something like that and have no understanding of what's going on. We left the decision up to Matthew on whether or not he wanted to attend services. He's old enough and understands enough to decide on his comfort level. He chose to attend the services, and he did such a good job. I was very impressed with how well he handled everything. We've had some sad days since, but we lean on each other and we're moving forward.

The weather has not helped lately, either. For a couple weeks now it's been rainy and dreary, with very little sunlight. I'm ready for summer!

Tuesday we had a cloudy morning, but it …

On death & dying

My Grandpa passed away peacefully at home yesterday afternoon, surrounded by family. He died in my Grandma's arms, on their 54th wedding anniversary.

His death was peaceful, he appeared comfortable and did not struggle, and his wife and children were by his side as he took his last breaths. I honestly can't think of a better way to pass on from this life.

One of the only few certainties of life is death. I don't fear death, and I don't dread death, and I try to teach my children the same. That doesn't mean I'm ready for death, or to lose my loved ones, but I understand that death is a part of life, and I try to have a healthy understanding and respect for death.

That doesn't make it easy.

It's been a very rough couple of weeks - learning that Grandpa's illness had progressed, then trying different medical interventions to improve his health, only to create new (worse) problems, to learning that there was nothing left to do medically except keep Gra…

Happy 6th birthday, Alex!!

Our sweet, spunky, emotional, adventure-loving Alex turned 6 years old this Monday!

We celebrated with a fun mini-vacation at The Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells. We stayed 2 nights, had a blast, and are still exhausted.

Great Wolf Lodge staff gave Alex a special set of birthday wolf ears, which he is super proud of. He's worn them constantly since Sunday afternoon when they were given to him, and he only takes them off to swim, bathe, or sleep. 
We had a great trip, and I'm working on a blog post/review of our stay, so that should be ready soon. I have a ton of pictures! I bought a waterproof pouch for my phone so I could take pictures in the waterpark, and I'm SO glad I did. We got some great pictures. 

The boys loved the waterslides and the wave pool. There are many different pools/slides/activity areas to enjoy in the waterpark, and we love it because there is a ton of variety, it's all indoors (it was raining and chilly most of our stay, but it didn't…