Just keep swimming

It's been a rough couple of weeks around here. We're trying to get back on track...but it's always hard to get moving again. Just keep swimming. Right?

My family had visitation, funeral, and burial services for my Grandpa. Edison stayed home with Alex, because Alex doesn't understand and it would be unfair to him to be expected to be well behaved for something like that and have no understanding of what's going on. We left the decision up to Matthew on whether or not he wanted to attend services. He's old enough and understands enough to decide on his comfort level. He chose to attend the services, and he did such a good job. I was very impressed with how well he handled everything. We've had some sad days since, but we lean on each other and we're moving forward.

The weather has not helped lately, either. For a couple weeks now it's been rainy and dreary, with very little sunlight. I'm ready for summer!

Tuesday we had a cloudy morning, but it wasn't too cold and it wasn't raining yet, so we took a chance and went to the Henry Villas Zoo in Madison. We stayed about 2 hours or so, and then it started sprinkling. But we had fun while we were there! Alex was much better with the animals this time, there were only a couple he was afraid of. And Matthew loved it all!

Alex's favorite was the seal:

And I got a picture of Matthew and the Grizzly Bears behind him:

Before we left the zoo, the boys each got to pick something out at the gift shop to bring home. Matthew picked out a stuffed monkey, and Alex picked a stuffed prairie dog.

And today we're relaxing at home and celebrating my birthday. Yay for 31!


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